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What is Score Pointer?

Score Pointer is a sophisticated online review platform serving as a platform to collect and provide structured, reliable data. This technology is available in tools such as a mobile App (iOS and Android), website and plug-ins.

Who benefits from Score Pointer?

When reviewing locations, the Score Pointer App users accumulate $Points and receive coupons that fits their profile. Additionally, when users accumulate enough $Points to get to the higher rankings, their $Points may be exchanged by fidelity program points.

Businesses also benefit from Score Pointer. Business owners can access for free detailed information about the stores ratings through the Score Pointer website.
Besides, Score Pointer offers an exclusive Mobile Survey Solution in which businesses customize the questions that will be presented in their customer’s smartphones.
Finally, businesses benefit from a targeted media exposition to thousands of people who are in a very special location: nearby.

How do Score Pointer restricts that people make low quality reviews just to get $Points?

Score Pointer’s sophisticated rating engine monitors a series of parameters to guarantee an outstanding quality of information. The distribution of $Points only occur if these parameters meet certain requirements.
For example, a person that completes a review of a distant location does not get $Points.

How does the Scoring system work?

The ScorePointer platform employs a proprietary Pushing Rates system that provides precise and up-to-date scores and guarantees reliability through anti fraud blocks and filters. While casting a score in ScorePointer you can rest assured that your opinion makes a difference. While checking scores, you can trust that the feedback is reliable and truly represents your customers!

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